Kinepolis Group

Cinema App

Offering the ultimate movie experience.


Kinepolis Group was formed in 1997 as a result of the merger of two family-run cinema groups and was first listed on the stock exchange in 1998.

Kinepolis wants to offer the ‘ultimate movie experience’ to its film and culture lovers. To this end, Kinepolis has developed an innovative cinema concept which serves as a pioneering model within the industry.

Letting the headliners take center stage

Movie are the driving force behind the design, and thus their posters are positioned up front and center. On the homescreen they take up almost 90% and are really able to stand out. Even when selecting a movie, its poster is used to complete the overall esthetic.

Theater selection

Viewing a movie allows the user to read more about the movie and watch the trailer. Based on your location (or preferences) a movie theater is pre-selected. By tapping the dropdown arrow you’ll be able to select a different theater.

Advancing to checkout

Selecting a showtime allows the user to advance to the ticket booking screen. This state is saved in the users cache so that if they were to go back to the home screen, upon reselecting the movie, they’ll be able to move to checkout more quickly.

Checking out

After selecting all the ticket options the user is able to checkout via their preferred checkout method (ie, bring the user to the payment gateway of choice).