Product emails

Improving CR rates for product emails across the board

Enticing our userbase

Reaching out to Essent’s user base to inform them about their ending contract has has always been a tricky endeavor. It can easily result in churn due to customers comparing their current energy rates with competitors. This is why any email mentioning an ending contract should entice customers as much as possible to renew their contract.


Design for the right target audience

We created a persona to work around. A persona is a representation of a typical user with their wants and needs. This is a great reference point throughout the design process to see if our product fits the user’s primary needs.


Benefits the customer’s needs

  • Safety
  • Tradition
  • Discipline
  • Clear communication


Negative experiences

  • No insights about energy usage
  • Unclear guidelines
  • Billshock

Photography that connects

By using photography based on our persona, we created an enticing image that together with the overal design conveyed our message clearly.

Record breaking CTR & CR uplift

During our initial test with this template, we managed to realize a record breaking CTR of 91%, and an significant uplift in conversion of 22%.