Essent App

Helping users with their daily power consumption needs.

Verbruiks Manager+

Essent validated with its development app (ThuisApp) that it’s favourable for consumers to have a dedicated app to manage their energy consumption. This resulted in the start of a dedicated app to fulfill this need, the verbruiksmanager+.


Design for people

Personas are an integral part of the VebruiksManager+ project, to ensure the product is built for the users that will eventually be using it in their daily life.

New Photography

We worked closely with our preferred photography agency Photoformation to create vibrant and great looking photography that relates to our user base and works wonderfully within the app.

Managing expectations with onboarding

Knowing that a lot of features would be added after the initial launch, it was trivial to show what the app is currently capable of and announce any newly added functionalities with complementary on boarding screens.

Single line of icons

The icons within the thumb navigation as well as in the app’s main icon are designed to represent a consistent and seamless line of icons.

Simple, yet consistent interface

Thanks to the elements defined in Essent’s Design System, we we’re able to create a simple, yet consistent interface. We think that is what sets the VerbruiksManager+ aside from other energy tracking apps; its simplicity and usability combined with an appealing user interface.