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Expanded polypropylene (EPP) for smart applications.

From bead to product

Epplix produces fully recyclable beads that provide weight reduction, energy absorption, structural strength, chemical resistance, thermal insulation and acoustical insulation to almost any product. Because of the beads’ wide range of applications, we decided that using before and endstate product photography was the best way to showcase its endless possibilities.

Endless Posibilities

To emphasis the endless possibilities of the polupropylene beads, we decided to visually showcase different use cases currently in production.

Explaining the difference

Epplix develops EPP beads on a customised basis. They aim to create the most effective recipes for the goals and requirements set by their customers. This results in an expanding array of product options, with all of them being lightweight, flame-retardant, noise-insulating, shock- and impact-resistant and fully recyclable.